GDR002 – BOLD/COWLING – we may be on the way

Hi everyone, ‘we may be on the way’ by BOLD/COWLING is out today 🍾music by John-Robin Bold & Andy Cowling mastering by Dino Spiluttini manufactured by TAPE MUZIK – cassettes manufacturing dubbing by prepaid_recordsThanks to everybody involved! You can get the tape via bandcamp or at

[GDR001] lekande – (her) love is for everyone REISSUE

Hello everybody,

after the Lekande tape ‘Her Love Is For Everyone’ was released on Glenn Dancer in 2016, it went quiet for a while and it stayed that way. Now we have decided to start Glenn Dancer as an actual label with regular output. We have a lot planned for the coming year and are happy to present you the second release of Glenn Dancer at the end of January. Until then, we recommend the reissue of Lekande ‘Her Love Is For Everyone’. We are still very grateful for this timeless album.

GDR001 lekande – (her) love is for everyone

You can get it now on bandcamp.